Nano Technology based coating is our primary service and we provide the same on both the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. Hell lot of things are hampering your vehicle's shiny look. Pollution degrades your paint and shine, bird droppings get stuck to the body, with continous rains the body also gets corroded. Auto Shield provides the best solution to prevent all problems and protect your vehicle from all unwanted things.

What's the Problem


We shout it loud


And we mean it...

The Solution

We provide the best quality nano technology based ceramic coating as we always think from the customer's perspective. For us, our goodwill from the customer is primary and we will go an extra mile to give complete service satisfaction to our customers. We follow a standard process before treating your vehicle with the nano ceramic coating and our certified professionals stress upon each aspect wth utmost care. Our Nano technology based ceramic coating can be trusted upon easily since we have the international certifications of quality and we meet all the international standards in terms of process as well.